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Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology Available at Graff Chevy in Durand, MI

As a parent, the safety of your children is your primary concern and biggest worry. Perhaps at no other time in their life are they more at risk than their first years with a driver’s license! Young, inexperienced drivers often play loud music, are accompanied by distracting passengers, and have a better chance of speeding. Being new to the rules of the road and grossly inexperienced at executing them is a big factor when it comes to collisions. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that the fatal crash rate for 16-19 year olds in the U.S. is nearly 3 times higher than drivers ages 20 and over.

Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology is available on select models at Graff Chevy in Durand, MI to help keep your children safe wherever the road takes them. Explore the safety features below to learn how you and your family can utilize Teen Driver Technology, then schedule a test-drive at our Durand dealership for a hands-on experience!

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  • Seatbelt icon

    Only 55% of high school students wear
    seatbelts when riding with someone else.

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    Teens are more likely than older
    drivers to speed.

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    About 93% of teen drivers play loud,
    distracting music behind the wheel.

Teen Driver Technology Features Promotes Safe Driving with Your New Driver

The Teen Driver technology features include speed limit control and alerts, speaker volume limitations and muting, and active safety technology such as Side Blind Zone Alert, Forward Collision Alert and Front Automatic Braking. All features are customizable so you can choose which restrictions your young driver needs. These features are made to promote safe driving with your new driver. If you need assistance in setting these features, don't hesitate to contact one of our Chevrolet Technology experts at (866) 529-1655.

Driver speed alert

Teen Driver Speed Alert

Speeding is one of the biggest offenses in unsafe driving and accidents. As a parent, it's hard to monitor and control this when you're not in the vehicle; however, Teen Driver technology has made it as simple as a setting. You can set a maximum speed value from 40-75 mph.

Driver max volume

Teen Driver Volume Limit & Volume Mute

We all know teenagers love to blare their favorite music while driving. In fact, 93% of teen drivers play loud distracting music behind the wheel. The Teen Driver Technology offers a volume limit you can set to your personal parent preference, which allows the driver to keep the volume at or below the limit. We'd be happy to help in setting this volume limit at your next oil change!

We also know teenagers often forget or neglect simple safety measures like seat belts. To help keep your teen driver and their passengers safe on the road, Teen Driver technology will automatically mute the volume when front safety belts are not fastened.

Driver report card

Teen Driver Report Card

The Teen Driver technology culminates in the in-vehicle Teen Driver Report Card, which tracks the data of their trips. Distance driven, over-speed warnings and forward collision alerts are among the metrics recorded, allowing you to identify issues with your teen's driving and coach them to improve. Your teen might not always be honest, or aware of their driving habits, but the Teen Driver Report Card won't lie! The report card exists to assist in learning and practicing more healthy driving habits.

Driver easy access

Easy Access to Teen Driver Technology Through Chevrolet MyLink Touchscreen Display

Teen Driver Technology is simple to set up and interfaces through the Chevrolet MyLink touchscreen display. To begin, you will enter a PIN to access the system and register a key fob. Then, when your teen is driving with the registered key, the customizable Teen Driver features that you have set will become enabled. To learn more about how to best use Chevrolet MyLink technology, visit the page on our website, or contact our team of auto experts at Graff Chevrolet Durand.



Teen Driver Technology is Currently Available in Select Chevy Models

Teen Driver is NOW available in the following models:

  • Malibu 2016

    2016 MALIBU

  • Malibu 2017

    2017 MALIBU

  • Camaro 2017

    2017 CAMARO

  • Cruze 2017

    2017 CRUZE

  • Silverado 2017

    2017 SILVERADO 1500

  • Volt 2017

    2017 VOLT

  • Bolt 2017

    2017 BOLT EV

  • Colorado 2017

    2017 COLORADO

  • Silverado hd 2017


  • Suburban 2017

    2017 SUBURBAN

  • Tahoe 2017

    2017 TAHOE

Chevrolet Teen Driver Vehicle Technology at Graff Chevrolet Durand

With Chevrolet’s Teen Driver vehicle technology, you can help continue to develop your young driver’s abilities after they get their license. We at Graff Chevrolet Durand hold you and your family’s safety as our highest priority and this new safety feature will allow us to continue to keep your loved ones out of harm’s way on the road. To learn more and experience the capabilities of the Teen Driver technology browse our new Chevrolet inventory. If you have questions about how to use or customize your Chevrolet Teen Driver technology contact our expert technology staff at (866) 529-1655 or stop by! Our dealership is conveniently located at 9009 Lansing Rd., Durand, MI 48429. We're happy to help teen drivers in Durand, Fenton, Flint, Swartz Creek, Burton, Owosso, and beyond stay safe on the road with Chevrolet's advanced safety features.