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There is no question that today’s world is more connected than ever before. That connectivity extends to modern vehicles, where infotainment systems and smartphone synchronization allow for a vast array of applications and information to be right at your fingertips as you drive. Drivers of modern Chevy models can take advantage of this with the myChevrolet app, which offers a variety of features to keep you better connected with your vehicle. A new feature on the app is called Vehicle Locate. How does the Vehicle Locate feature in the myChevrolet app work? We have the details.

How it functions

Vehicle Locate makes it easy for Chevy owners to stay in the loop with their vehicle as well as anyone else who is driving that vehicle. It sends automated text alerts to friends and family, who are also using this application, when the connected Chevy model arrives at or exits a previously designated boundary area, or if it arrives at or leaves from a certain address.

These boundary areas and addresses can be created and entered into the myChevrolet app Vehicle Locate feature when setting it up. The greatest distance for a boundary setting is up to a 20-mile radius, with a specific address being as narrow as it can get. As many as 10 people can opt-in to receive the boundary alerts.

This is a great tool to use for concerned parents looking out for their teenage driver or the commuter who wants to let their family know they’re on the way home.

On which vehicles is it available?

The Vehicle Locate feature is available to owners of 2012 model year or newer Chevrolet automobiles. You will find plenty of those right here on our lot at Hank Graff Chevrolet! Peruse our inventory of new Chevrolet models as well as our selection of pre-owned models to find the right one for you. We would be happy to show you all the ins and outs of the Chevy that piques your interest.

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