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Snow and ice are just a regular part of winter for this area, but despite that, it doesn’t change the fact that driving on snowy or icy roads can be incredibly dangerous. Even the most experienced drivers can experience a skid while on the road. What’s worse is that there are many who don’t know how to correct a skid. So, we’re here to tell you how.

First, don’t panic! Panicking will only cause you to slam on the brakes or over-steer which will actually make the skid worse. If your vehicle starts to skid, you should keep your hands on the wheel and your feet off of both the gas and brake pedals. In fact, the momentum from the skid is enough and you shouldn’t accelerate at all. Instead, you should simply use the speed that the car is already at and allow your vehicle to decelerate.

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In order to correct a skid on snow or ice, you must steer your vehicle in the direction of the skid.

While this seems like a bad idea, it really isn’t. By turning your vehicle into the skid, you will actually help your vehicle straighten out and gain control back. And you should be careful to not over-steer, as that can cause you to spin out of control. You should only steer at an amount that is proportionate to the speed you are traveling at. For example, if you are only skidding slightly, you should only steer slightly into the skid. Then, as your vehicle begins to straighten out, you will straighten your steering wheel as well.

Ways to Prevent a Skid:

Don’t speed.
Pump your brakes instead of a solid brake.
Watch the weather and road conditions.
Slow down more than usual for a turn.
Keep a larger following distance between you and other vehicles.
Use tires with plenty of tread. Or switch to winter tires.

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