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Chevrolet’s Advanced Safety Features - Keeping You out of Harm’s Way on the Road

Chevy has always been on the cutting edge of safety technologies in their vehicles, providing their customers with innovative systems to keep them safe while out on the road. As of now, drivers can find the latest and most advanced safety and driver assistive features, now available in most new Chevrolet models. These features focus on preventing accidents, and protecting or responding in the event of an accident. These technologies are not only designed to keep you out of harm’s way while out on the road but will help you develop safer driving habits as well. You can learn all about these features including Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Safety Awareness, Lane Keep Assist Technology, and more with the information provided below. Additionally, our sales team at Graff Chevrolet Durand would be happy to provide you a test drive where you can experience these advanced safety features in person!

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Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive Cruise Control

While true self-driving cars aren’t available to the public-at-large just yet, you can experience some similar technology with Adaptive Cruise Control. This new technology uses radar sensors to adjust your vehicle’s speed automatically based on the surrounding traffic. This system will even apply the brakes if need be. You can set the specified cruising speed and following distance with the controls on the steering wheels and then let the Adaptive Cruise Control handle the rest. Just imagine how much less stressful highway driving and long road trips could be with this advanced driver assistive feature!

Side blind zone alert

Side Blind Zone Alert

Mitigate the danger of your blind spots with the Side Blind Zone Alert technology. While driving, if a vehicle is present in your blind spot, small lights on the corresponding rearview mirror will illuminate, alerting you to the vehicle’s presence. This feature will help you to know when it is safe to merge or change lanes, and overall make you more aware of your surroundings.

Lane keep assist

Lane Keep Assist Technology

Using cameras around the outside of your Chevy vehicle, the Lane Keep Assist system will help keep you out of harm's way when you accidentally drift out of your lane or onto the shoulder of the road. The system works by using the cameras to detect and identify road markings, determining the lane layout, and then using visual and audible alerts, or even a vibration alert in your seat to make you aware of when you’re starting to drift out of it without a turn signal on. On top of all of that, your steering wheel will help you by gently moving you back into the lane if you don’t correct your path manually. This system can also be turned on or off at your preference.

Rear vision camera

Rear Vision Camera

The Rear Vision Camera is the foundation for a few other safety features found in Chevrolet vehicles. It works by showing the driver, through the infotainment display screen on the dashboard, what is behind their vehicle while it is in reverse. On the display view, guideline graphics will appear to help you back up into a parking space if need be as well. The best part is, however, Rear Vision Cameras are now standard in all new GM and Chevrolet vehicles.

Forward safety awareness

Forward Safety Awareness

It is extremely important that you always pay attention to what’s on the road in front of you, and the Forward Safety Awareness and Forward Collision Alert technologies are like an extra set of eyes. These systems are designed to mitigate front-end collisions and dramatically reduce the chance of accidents in low-speed situations. The technology in these features can detect slow moving or stopped vehicles ahead, alert the driver, and even apply automatic braking if needed.

Rear cross traffic alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

To ensure your safety and to improve your ability to park in reverse, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature allows you to see what’s behind you while your while trying to back up. A camera in the back of the vehicle provides a live video feed displayed on your center console while also employing radar sensors in the rear corners of the vehicle to detect the proximity of other objects to help keep you out of harm's way. When another object or vehicle is detected by the sensor, the system will alert you with audible and visual warnings on the screen so that you don’t back up into it. Additionally, the system will also display guideline graphics for parking assistance so that you can back up into a parking space with ease.

Intellibeam headlamps

IntelliBeam Headlamps

The IntelliBeam headlights monitor the light in the surrounding environment and any oncoming traffic using a camera in the front of the vehicle. Using this constantly updating stream of information, the headlights the will automatically turn on and off your low beams when it is appropriate. Also, when your high beams are activated, the IntelliBeam headlights will turn them off when they sense oncoming traffic, protecting the oncoming driver’s eyes without you having to lift a finger. Then, once the car has passed yours, the high beams will automatically turn back on, making sure that you go back to being able to see what is in front of you on dark or unlit roads.

Onstar automatic crash response

OnStar® Automatic Crash Response

When your vehicle is equipped with OnStar®, you have the peace of mind knowing that even in the event of a serious accident, help is there when you need it. The OnStar® Automatic Crash Response system is a unique technology, which alerts trained OnStar® Advisors if your vehicle is detected to be in a collision, and connects them to your speaker system in your cabin. The OnStar® Advisor can then find out if you are alright or in need of medical assistance. While you can traditionally access the OnStar® through the push of a button, this safety feature allows you to still be in contact with emergency personnel even if you cannot reach your rearview mirror to push the button and activate the system for any reason. Most new Chevy models come with three months of free OnStar® service, which include the Automatic Crash Response system.



Experience the Advanced Safety Features in New Chevrolet Models at Graff Durand

At Graff Durand, ensuring our customer’s safety in their new vehicle and out on the road is our top priority. In our large selection of Chevrolet vehicles, we are proud to offer new models with the most up-to-date advanced safety features like the ones listed above. We recommend browsing through our Model Overview pages to find the right Chevy vehicle for you, whether you’re looking for a sedan, crossover, truck, or SUV with the specific features you desire. Visit our dealership at 9009 E. Lansing Rd Durand, MI 48429 to experience these various safety features in person or call ahead at (866) 529-1655 to schedule a test drive with our friendly and helpful sales staff.