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Spring Car Cleaning Tips from Graff Chevy Durand

At Graff Durand we want to not only help you extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running like new for years to come, but we also want to help you keep it looking like new. One simple way to maintain the looks of your vehicle is by keeping it clean! It may seem like a simple task, but it’s easily missed among the other routine maintenance tasks you do to keep your vehicle running at its best. However, spring is a great time to deep clean your vehicle to remove the salt and grime of winter, while making sure your vehicle is looking good for the warmer weather ahead. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your car are equally as important in maintaining the overall health of your vehicle. Getting rid of clutter on the interior will allow you to act fast in an emergency situation, while removing dirt, crumbs, and other debris will help extend the life of your interior’s porous surfaces. Cleaning the exterior is important for vehicle paint and undercarriage component upkeep to prevent rusting. But that’s not all! Keep reading for expert car care tips for spring cleaning your car’s interior, exterior, and special instructions on how to remove salt stains from your vehicle’s carpet after the winter season.

Spring Car Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle’s Interior

Depending on the current state of your vehicle, cleaning the interior can seem a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Before you hit the road for spring travels, use these spring car cleaning tips to help thoroughly clean the interior of your vehicle. By removing the dust off your dash, the crumbs off your seats, and the garbage out of your car, you’ll feel refreshed behind the wheel! If you own an older model vehicle that lacks updated storage options, organizing the items you do keep in your car is highly suggested. As previously mentioned, a clean interior can also be important in an emergency situation where you need to act fast without distraction. We ultimately want to make sure you stay safe when you hit the road, but we also want to help you care for your vehicle throughout your ownership. Check out the following vehicle spring cleaning tips for your car’s interior to make sure you’re ready for the new season!

  • Start by gathering all your garbage and recyclables, and then disposing or recycling them appropriately. This will immediately help to clear clutter.
  • Remove your carpets or mats to shake out loose dust and dirt.
  • Vacuum all seats and carpet surfaces.
  • Organize items using bins and other storage options to reduce clutter.
  • Hang an air freshener in a non-distracting location, or use a vent-attachable version for a great smelling interior.
  • Use coffee filters or microfiber rags to wipe down your dash. Either of these will easily pick up dust and particles without leaving fibers behind.
  • Use a vinegar-based solution and microfiber rag to clean your windows for a streak-free view.
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How to Remove the Salt Stains From Your Vehicle Carpet

One of the worst parts about winter is all the salt that comes with it. Even if you’re careful to clear your shoes before getting in your car, that pesky rock salt still seems to make its way into your car mats and carpet throughout the winter season. To prevent the unsightly damage winter salt can cause, we recommend investing in plastic winter mats. Your used car may have accumulated salt stains throughout its many winter seasons, so plastic mats can also help hide any severe carpet wear. If you do currently have plastic mats in your vehicle, a simple rinse of the mats should do the job to rid the salt. However, if you don’t have plastic mats, or if you notice that salt still made its way onto your carpet, here is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to remove the salt from your vehicle’s carpets:

  1. Fill an empty spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water.
  2. Lightly wet the salt stain area by spraying with the solution and let it sit for a minute or so.
  3. Use a clean rag to dab the wet stain area. Your goal is to absorb the lifted stain, so don’t press too hard.
  4. If the rag is wet and the stain remains, use a dry portion of the rag or use a new, dry rag to repeat the process.
  5. Once the spot is dry, you’re done! The unsightly salt stain on your carpet should be gone; however, if the stain remains, let dry and repeat steps 2-4.

Spring Car Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle’s Exterior

Overtime, dirt, grime, and damaging winter salt can build up on your vehicle’s exterior, and can ultimately lead to rust and component exposure. Not only does a quality car wash make your vehicle look attractive, but it also keeps your car healthy by protecting it from irreversible exterior damage. A car wash is an easy way to protect your car and can be completed at home with some basic supplies or by running through a local car wash. Before you dive into the soapsuds, check out these tips on giving your vehicle’s exterior the best spring clean:

  • Microfiber rags, soft sponges, and soft brushes are best for removing dirt without scratching your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Use specialized car cleaning soap. It doesn’t have to be a pricey option, but it should be specifically designed for vehicles. Avoid dish soap, as it is too abrasive for your vehicle’s paint.
  • Removing tree sap from your car is done best by using very hot water and a soapy microfiber rag.
  • If a microfiber rag and soapy water doesn’t work for the nasty bugs on your grille, try a dryer sheet!
  • Try your best to rinse the undercarriage as well as the obvious exterior surfaces.
  • Wash one side at a time so you can thoroughly rinse before the soap dries.
  • Try your best to use clean water to wash with, rather than water that contains your car’s old dirt. This may mean using two separate buckets, or switching your bucket water often.
  • Take a little extra time to wax your car. The protection it provides against scratches and UV rays is well worth the time. Try to avoid waxing in very hot weather, or directly in the sun.

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