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Cooling and A/C System Maintenance Tips at Graff in Durand, MI

We know that Michigan summers can be unpredictable, but we don’t want you guessing when it comes to your vehicle maintenance. Summer is a great time to do some traveling, and often this means road trips! Before you hit the road, make sure your cooling and A/C systems are in good working condition. Since summer means hot temperatures, your cooling and A/C systems are especially important to your vehicle. Your cooling system regulates the temperature of your engine to keep it from overheating and breaking down. It is also responsible for controlling the temperature of many other important components under the hood. Your A/C system regulates the temperature inside your car to keep you cool while you drive. If any of these systems are not operating properly, you could run the risk of your vehicle overheating this summer during the hot weather. Below you can read about how important your cooling and A/C systems are in your car, and some warning signs that could mean something is wrong.

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Cooling System Maintenance for Summer Car Care

The cooling system in your car maintains the proper temperature of your engine and all of the components underneath the hood. The system is made up of a water pump that directs coolant between the engine and radiator. Cool air from the radiator is then able to decrease the temperature of the coolant in the engine. This process keeps your vehicle running at a safe temperature. If the temperature in the engine and radiator become too high it can cause extreme damage to your car. Be sure to bring your car in for service if you think something may be wrong with your cooling system.

If you notice any of these signs, there’s a good chance that your cooling system needs to be serviced:

  • Your temperature gauge is higher or lower than normal. Generally, the temperature gauge in your car will sit somewhere in the “normal zone”, safely between high and low. If your cooling system needs to be serviced, you may notice the gauge sitting higher or lower than it should be. This could mean a number of things for your cooling system. A cooling fan could be blocked or another component of the system could be functioning improperly. If you notice your temperature gauge seems to be off, bring your vehicle to Graff Chevrolet Durand and let our ASE certified technicians take a look.

  • Your vehicle’s heater isn’t working well. If you notice the vents in your car aren’t pushing out heat like they normally do, something could be wrong with your cooling system. The coolant may not be flowing through the system the way it should be, which could cause lower air pressure to the vents inside your vehicle.

  • You notice a coolant leak. If you’ve noticed a bright, pink, orange, yellow, or green liquid pooling under your car in your parking spot, or otherwise dripping from your car, you may have a coolant leak. Another sign of a coolant leak is a sweat smell coming from your vehicle. This is a sign of an internal coolant leak. Either of these signs means you should definitely bring your car in to be serviced.

  • Your engine temperature warning light comes on. If your engine temperature light comes on, your engine may be overheating. This could be due to a failure in the cooling system. If this happens you should immediately bring your car in for service.

Routinely flushing your coolant and getting a cooling system inspection will ensure that your vehicle will run smoothly all year round. We recommend having your coolant flushed every 24,000 miles or every two years. If you’ve been slacking on your routine maintenance, it’s time to bring your car in to Graff Chevrolet in Durand. For more information about cooling systems visit our cooling system service page on our website.

A/C System Maintenance for Summer Car Care

In the summer the interior temperature of your car’s cabin can get up to 40 degrees hotter than the temperature outside the car. To make sure you’re able to cool off once you get inside your vehicle, you’ll need to make sure your A/C system is working properly. The A/C system works by taking heat from the air and pushing it through your radiator. Then the cooled air passes through the evaporator and back into the cabin of your car. To keep you and your passengers comfortable this summer, check for these signs that your A/C system is working incorrectly:

  • You notice the airflow from your vents is weak. If a hose in the system is lose, or a seal in the ventilation system is broken it will cause a lack of air coming through the vents. There could also be a broken fan, or there could be mildew or mold in the evaporation core of your vehicle.

  • The air coming out of the vents isn’t cold. If you turn your A/C system on and the air doesn’t seem to ever feel cold there could be a leak in a hose, a switch or fuse could have failed, the condenser or evaporator could be damaged, or you could have a failed blower motor. To keep these things from happening, Graff Chevrolet Durand recommends bringing your vehicle in for an A/C system inspection at least once a year.

  • You notice a puddle under your car. If you notice a puddle of liquid under your car, there could be a leak in your A/C system. This could cause a lot of future damage for your vehicle, and costly repairs for you if left unchecked. A leak in the A/C system can be caused by moisture buildup or old components. Over time hoses can lose their elasticity or seals can break. This will cause moisture to seep into the A/C system.

  • A bad smell is coming from your vents. If you turn on your A/C and you notice a bad odor, your air filter could be dirty or there could be mold in the A/C system. If this occurs, you can schedule an A/C deodorizer service at our service center.

If you notice any of these warning signs, bring your vehicle into our service center at Graff Chevrolet Durand. Our ASE Certified technicians would be happy to make sure your A/C system is running properly. We want you to be cool and comfortable all summer. For any information regarding your A/C system take a look at our A/C services page.

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Summer is a fun and busy time and we want to make sure your vehicle is ready to take you where you need to go. It’s important to make sure your cooling and A/C systems are running properly in order to keep you and your car cool in the Michigan heat. We’d love to assist you in any summer car care you may need. You can schedule an appointment with our service team online or call (866) 529-1655. We proudly serve Durand, MI and the surrounding communities of Owosso, Flint, Swartz Creek, Genesee Charter Township, and more. Our Dealership is located at 9009 E. Lansing Road Durand, MI 48429. Come by and see us today!