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Vehicle Sun Protection at Graff Chevrolet in Durand, MI

We all know the importance of protecting our skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. But have you ever considered the impact sun can have on your vehicle during the summer months? Between the damaging rays and the blistering heat, the sun can damage your car from the inside out. Your vehicle could experience overheating with different parts and components, interior damage, or exterior paint damage. Before the temperatures get too hot, you can read about the importance of vehicle sun protection for summer car care and how to keep your car cool this summer. You can also learn different tips to protect your vehicle, inside and out, from UV sunrays. At Graff Chevrolet Durand we want to make sure your car is always running smoothly. You can also check our FAQ page for tons of tips and maintenance information to keep your car safe all year round.

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Vehicle Sun Protection Tips for This Summer

The sun’s UV rays and heat can cause problems for your vehicle parts and exterior when your vehicle is left out for a period of time. That is why we have put together a few sun protection tips that will give your vehicle the best possible summer car care. By following these simple tips you can ensure that your car’s interior and exterior is protected from the sun all summer long.

Regularly Wash and Wax

It’s always important to wash your car to remove dust and dirt that can scratch your paint. Using a wax with a UV protecting polish will reduce sun damage and paint fading to your vehicle. Further, try to wash your car on a cooler day and hand dry with a soft towel to remove minerals from the water that air-drying would leave behind.

Purchase a Sunshade

Purchasing a sunshade to place in your front and rear windshields will keep sunlight from damaging the interior of your car. Over long periods of time sun can bleach your upholstery or cause your leather to crack. A sunshade will also keep the temperature inside your car lower, providing the cabin a comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

Clean the Interior of Your Car

It’s important to keep the interior of your car dust free, especially in the hotter months. Dust can scratch the finishes of your car or leave a sticky film on your dashboard and console when baked in the sun for too long. Regularly dusting and cleaning your vehicles interior will stop the build up of dust and dirt that can damage your leather and upholstery.

Cover Your Car

If you want to fully protect your vehicle from the summer sun you can buy a full cover for your car. Covers will not only prevent damage from the sun, but other weather conditions as well. This is especially recommended if you plan to leave your car parked outside for an extended period of time. We also recommend parking your vehicle in the shade or a covered area, like a garage, during the summer months.

The Importance of UV Protection on Your Car

Keep in mind the temperature under the hood of your car is always hot, no matter the season. The heat produced by the sun on a hot summer day greatly increases the temperature under the hood even more. Take a look below at how the importance of sun protection on your car parts can affect your vehicle’s fluids, belts, hoses, and even your tires.

It’s extremely important to make sure your vehicle fluids are at the appropriate level and maintained. The summer sun can affect many different vehicle fluids including coolant, brake fluid, oil, and even your gasoline. Below are some reasons to check your fluids regularly:

  • Because coolant regulates your engines temperature, a lack of coolant can cause overheating and damage to your vehicle internally. This is especially important to have inspected for the summer months because the hot weather can take a toll on your already hot engine.
  • Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid and has a certain boiling point, which hot temperatures and excessive friction can affect. You might feel a 'softer' pedal during the summer months simply because of the warmer weather. Most times your vehicle's brake fluid won't need to be changed, but if you have a brake pedal that's feeling too soft, or your brakes aren't responding properly, it's a good idea to have your brake fluid inspected as they are one of the biggest safety components on your vehicle.It’s never good to let your oil get low, but if left unchecked in the hot temperatures you may see engine failure.
  • While today’s vehicles are designed to prevent excess gasoline evaporation, it is still helpful to do what you can to reduce evaporation that can be caused by hot summer temperatures. For example, always make sure your fuel cap is secured tightly, try to park in the shade, and buy gas early in the morning or later at night when the outside temperature is cooler..

Higher summer temperatures will cause all of these fluids to be used more quickly than they would be in cooler weather, which is why it’s so important to double check their levels often.

Additional to checking your fluids, you should check that your hoses and belts are in good condition, as the added heat from the sun can increase wear on these parts. A leaky hose can cause fluid levels to drop rapidly, resulting in all the problems mentioned above. A snapped belt can stop your engine from running entirely. All of these problems will require costly repairs later, so avoiding them now will save you money down the line.

Another good thing to keep in mind, especially during the summer months, is the increased temperature of the pavement that you’ll be driving on. Increased temperature means increased friction on your tires. This can cause wear on your tread or result in a flat tire. You’ll want to make sure that your tires are in good condition and kept at the right pressure to avoid getting a flat while you’re out on your summer adventures.

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We know the summer can be a busy time full of fun activities. It’s still important to find time to make sure your vehicle is running well. The heat and UV rays can be damaging to your vehicle both internally and cosmetically. If we can assist you in your summer car care efforts in any way, bring in your vehicle and let our experts take a look. We’d be happy to check your fluid levels and make sure everything is running smoothly under the hood. You can schedule an appointment with our service team online or call (866) 529-1655. We proudly serve Durand, MI and the surrounding communities of Owosso, Flint, Swartz Creek, Genesee Charter Township, and more. Our Dealership is located at 9009 E. Lansing Road Durand, MI 48429. Come by and see us today!