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It’s never good when your vehicle starts having problems, and you should always take care of a potential problem right away. That’s where the Hank Graff Chevrolet Service Center comes in, we have experienced and highly-trained mechanics that will work diligently to get your vehicle back in working order and on the road again. Signs of an Engine Problem Shaking Noises (like a clanging) Overheating Smoke or steam Fluid puddles under the car Check engine light is on Stalling or turning over Not starting at all Bad smells >>>View Our Service Coupons<<< Types of Smoke White - indicates a blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or engine block Black - usually doesn't mean a problem and could just be from dirt; or it could indicate bad fuel pressure regulator or clogged/leaky fuel injectors Blue or Gray - indicates worn valves or piston rings causing oil leaks, contaminant in the cylinders that's combusting with the air/fuel >>>Schedule Service Appointment<<< Most Common Engine Problems Bad spark plugs Damaged oxygen sensors Coolant/Oil/Fluid leaking Poor lubrication Build-up of oil or dirt Blocked radiator Worn or torn belts Worn or damaged hoses Bad electrical connections For any of your vehicle needs, you can contact our team online or by calling 888-845-1367.

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